Depression | Ashley Kellem
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I held you
in all the places you fell apart
I pieced you back together

I fit in all the spaces you cannot make whole
and I offered you up all the things you had lost
half-whole man, always empty

I collapsed in every space
nestled in every crevice
filled up every divot

how is she now
her hollowed out shell that sits just as emptily
does she fill you up in the ways I once did
piece you back together with hands strong enough to soften at the markings of old rememberings
do you come with broken aches and violent reverberations of memory that settles in the curvature of your spine
spill out cries of molested revelations, blackout and find yourself rebirthed again just as broken
do you lay at her side and wonder what parts of you might fit within her
where you might touch and find an emptiness that beckons you to fill it
do you still walk around losing yourself
loosed earth that you have forgotten how to maintain together
broken pieces that you have left behind that still lie beneath my nails

does she curl at your back and remind you of who you are
does she lay at her feet and become forgetful of who she is
do you remember all the places I once fit
every space every hole every shadow
do I still remain there
kneading out those rugged places
does she thank me

ashley kellem

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